Disciples Keep On Obeying


Sunday Worship - 10AM

Oct. 02, 2022

WELCOME TO LIVERPOOL FIRST UMC – We are singing a new song! Sunday Worship is at 10:00 am followed by Coffee and Conversation. In Luke 17:5-10,  Jesus speaks of having faith like a mustard seed and contrasts that with being good servants of our master.  Sometimes we feel small for not being mighty champions of faith…able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!  Jesus tells us that even the smallest faith if it is sincere, can cast great trees into the sea.  Do we believe that?  Do we believe God is still in the business of answering prayers and encouraging a life?  But prayer must first be offered before it can be answered.  Pastor Ray reminds us that “Disciples Don’t Stop”, they “Keep on Obeying”.  Let’s begin our Life in Christ anew! Thank you, Jesus! Come as you are and explore. YOU ARE WELCOME!

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