From the Inside Out


Sunday Worship - 10AM, Wednesday Praise & Prayer @ 7 pm.

Sep. 12, 2021


“From the Inside Out” Pastor Gilman brings us back into the Gospel of Mark with a teaching on inner holiness. In Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23 Jesus faces off with a group of Pharisees who challenge his apostles washing habits. This is not the anti-bacterial hygiene that we are accustomed to thinking about. Instead, this is the ceremonial cleansing by water initiated by Moses and added to over the centuries. Jesus reveals to them that is the content of their heart that makes them pure or impure. Is is a lesson for any of us. When stressed of pressured, how do we respond initially? Are we graceful and forgiving or violent and profane. It is this initial reaction that reveals who we really are. Have hope and see!

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