Jesus, Do What We Ask.


Sunday Worship - 10AM, Wednesday Praise & Prayer @ 7 pm.

Oct. 17, 2021

“Jesus, Do What We Ask.” Pastor Gilman continues to teach from the Gospel of Mark. In Mark 10:35-45, James and John try to claim the honor of sitting beside Christ in glory. Jesus had just shared a detailed account of the pain and suffering he is about to go through in Jerusalem - yet James and John sought preference in the face of Jesus’ passion depiction. These ambitious men completely failed to understand the completeness of what they were asking. Where they saw prestige and power, Jesus saw self-sacrifice and bearing the cross. We might judge the disciples harshly for failing to sympathize, yet too often we - upon hearing Christ’s pronouncements to service - simply choose to ignore and go our own way. Are we like James and John?

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