Reclaimed: Jesus Calls Us Home


Sunday Worship - 10AM

Mar. 27, 2022

Welcome! This fourth Sunday of Lent we consider Christ calling us to be reclaimed (Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32). Pastor invites us to consider the many things that separate us from God. The obvious sins are easy to detail – the addiction, the abuse, the degradation, the violence... Harder perhaps are the subtler sins that also steal life; sour temperament, poor judgment, and self-righteousness. We begin to notice that any time we focus on our desires, our wisdom, our opinions - ourselves – we become easy prey for sin. We all need to learn to be prodigal fathers – or mothers -  and understand God’s pardon is complete - wiping away the past and completely restoring our soul. It is always better to give grace than to receive. Have hope, come, and see!

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